Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Prego Restaurant, Brighouse

Waterfront Lodge Hotel, Huddersfield Rd. Brighouse | 01484 715 566 | | @PregoBrighouse

Type of Food: Italian

Price:  £30 per person
Occasion: Works Christmas Night Out
Date Visited: December 2013

Overall Rating: ** and a half - Dissapointing

Trying to sort a work's Christmas Night Out at the last minute for a group of 7 is never easy. We decided upon Preggo after one of the girls came here before and recommended it. 

The atmosphere is a bit odd in here. Not bad. But the room seems too big for what was inside. The furniture is nothing special (again, not bad) and the decor is rather plain. It is a hotel restaurant and that's really what it feels like. I had a look at the pictures on the website and maybe I'm remembering it wrong but I don't remember it look like the photos. 

We all arrived at separate times and were asked to take a seat in the waiting area. There was a confusing array of menus (a special christmas one, a set piece one and another a la carte one. There wasn't any need. The waiter was a bit lax in ushering us to our table and we had to be asked to be seated rather than them coming to check.

The menu looked good. There was a few things I wanted to try. We had a garlic pizza bread while we waited and this was excellent. Then again, it's a staple and fairly basic so that wouldn't have been great if it was anything less. For my main I had a Garlic Kiev Calzone. It arrived late (about 5 min after everyone elses) as apparently someone had made the wrong dish. It was nice. Nice being the operative word. The pieces of chicken breast were large and all located in the same half of the calzone. The garlic sauce was strong and delicious but I had to have a few mouthfulls of dough before i got to the chicken and then it all came at once. 
After garlic overload there was dessert. Tiramisu. Again, it was nice. Nothing special. It was on par with the Tiramisu you can get from the supermarket but it was nice. There was a rich coffee liqueur taste in the base and the creamy top complimented it just right. It just fell a bit flat. 
My favourite part of the meal was the starter. Arancini - Rice Balls with a Napoli Sauce. The sauce was rich and the rice balls were cooked and flavoured well.
I just wanted to tell you about The Christmas Dinner option. One of the ladies I was with ordered this and when it turned up on the table (it turned up first for some reason) it made us all look at each other. There was 3 or four pieces of meat, a few roasted new potatoes and a small scattering (and i mean small) of veg. If this had been placed in front of me it would have been sent straight back.

The food wasn't bad (well mine wasn't). Not at all. For a hotel restaurant it could be considered above average. But for an italian restaurant it was disappointing. It was very average.

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