Wednesday, 16 January 2013

don't tell Titus ..., Saltaire

6 Victoria Rd, Saltaire Village BD18 3LA | 01274 595633 |

Type of Food: Bar Grub

Price:  2 mains + 3 pints = £35
Occasion: Sunday Lunch with friends
Date Visited: January 2013
Overall Rating: *** Good

Eating out twice in two weeks ... how extravagant! don't tell Titus ... is a place I've not been to for a good five years despite living within walking distance of where I live. Right in the heart of beautiful Saltaire Village it's very popular locally. 

The first time I came here, the atmosphere put me off. I thought it felt a bit to pretentious and stuffy. Not sure if that was because I was a student and anywhere were 'normals' went was too stuffy but that was the impression I had had before we went. On our visit on Sunday it was busy, not too busy but busy enough to have to wait 10 min for a table. To be fair, it does feel like a trendy bar, mainly because it is, but it actually felt welcoming today. I went with a large party so there wasn't anywhere suitable in the bar but luckily there was a restaurant upstairs with a table. We were taken upstairs after a short wait and were greeted to an empty room full of messy tables with a single exception, ours. Felt a bit odd ...

Can't really complain. We didn't wait long for service or food. The barman looked made sure we had a drink while we waited and they made us feel welcome.

The first thing I would point out, it is expensive so I expected high standard not just standard bar grub (which to be honest I expected)..It was a difficult choice as the menu sounded delicious. There were few things I couldn't have had. With it being a Sunday I went a bit traditional and ordered Leek & Chicken Pie and most of the others had a Sunday Roast (only one on offer, Pork). It was delicious. It came with 'fresh vegtables' (just carrots and turnip in the end) and my choice of potato (mash). Beautifully presented and filling. Couldn't have asked for more. It was so good I actually can't recall what everyone else's food was like.

Expensive bar grub. But very very good expensive bar grub. Would go again.

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