Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Med One, Huddersfield

10-12 Westgate, Huddersfield HD1 1NN | 01484 511100 |

Type of Food: Lebanese & General East Mediterranean cuisine. 

Price:  2 mains, 2 Starter, 1 Appetizer + 3 drinks = £35
Occasion: Dinner Out
Date Visited: January 2013
Overall Rating: **** Very Good

Getting the ball rolling, I went to for an after-work dinner in Med-One on Monday. I'd not had it on my list of places I wanted to go long, but it had been given a glowing recommendation and with it being only one block away from work seemed like a no-brainer. 


The atmosphere was OK. It was quiet but not too quiet. There was only one other party in, which is not always a great sign (I found out later there is an upstairs which had other dinners in). There was some (probably) authentic music in the background and the tables and chairs were new and clean. So far so good ... we sat down.

Good. Then again there were only four or five parties and two staff. We were given the right amount of time to order. Drinks came almost straight away, and food wasn't too long either (which was good as I could have eaten the menu I was that hungry!)

DELICIOUS! For starter there was a minor bread overload. Chef's specialty bread, hummus (with more bread) and Cheese Fatayer (a pastry topped with Feta cheese). The bread was light and not too filling at all, the fatayer, which I have never had before, was very satisfying and the hummus was just right, if not a little over-garnished with olives. The main courses were both eye-catching when they came. There was Kufta, a restaurant specialty and a giant kebab ladened with not one, but two flat breads! Talk about value for money. The bread complemented it well and wasn't too heavy and the meat was delicious and well-cooked!


Well worth it! I'm actually a bit concerned that it's so close to work and they are open for lunch time ... definitely recommended! There's so much more I want to try!

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