Sunday, 3 February 2013

Nawaab, Leeds

25 Wellington St, Leeds, LS1 4WG | 0113 244 2979 |

Type of Food: Curry

Price:  Starter + Main + an alcoholic drink = £20 each
Occasion: Catch up with former colleagues
Date Visited: Feburary 2013
Overall Rating: **** Very Good

I am always begrudged coming to Leeds for a curry. I live in Bradford (well Shipley) and to me its like getting a Eurostar from Paris to London for French food. Bradford has arguably the best curry houses in Yorkshire (if not the country). There is even a Nawaab in Bradford (2 if you include the one at Tong). The menus are the same where ever you go although I must say I prefer the atmosphere in the Leeds restaurant. Plus I was with a group of friends I would never convince to go into Bradford. 

It's a curry house. The standard tacky modern decor although to a high standard. It was quite busy and there was a stag do to boot. Although it didn't feel too much. Just right. 

Food was quick. Starters came before the poppadoms were done with. Given I was hungry I was delighted with that. Mains came quickly after that. There was a bit of a delay getting served at first but I think they were a bit short staffed.  

The range of starters at Nawaab is above average. In fact I don't think I've seen a longer list. Despite that, I had Tandoori Chicken Tikka. I know it's safe but it was saturday night, I was hungry and it was DELICIOUS. 
My favourite thing about coming to Nawaab is one of their specials: the Nirali Special. It's creamy and nutty but not sweet like a Korma. It's always delicious  I never have it with rice, always Roti or Naan
I ate it all. It was a challenge but it was to good to waste.

I love the Nirali Special. It's my favorite curry special in all the restaurants I've been to. Nawaab is a very good curry house. Above average but not the best. It's a pretty safe bet to be honest. I would definitely go just to try the Nirali Special. It's pretty unique. 

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