Monday, 25 February 2013

The Cross Keys, East Marton (near Skipton)

Off A59, East Marton, Skipton, BD23 7LP | 01282 822 326 |

Type of Food: Pub

This will just be a quick blog post. This weekend I went to visit my parents in Merseyside and we decided to go the scenic way, up to Skipton and down  through Lancashire. 
Setting off around 1pm we decided to grab lunch at a pub on the way, hence the impromptu stop off at The Cross Keys. 

We weren't wanting much, something quick and not from a microwave. The Cross Keys delivered. Situated about 15/20 minutes along the road to Clitheroe from Skipton it was perfectly located. The atmosphere was just what you'd expect to and had a great local feel without being too intimidating. 

All the food claimed top be local and fresh which is a massive plus in my books plus the menu looked great. I had a roast chicken and chorizo sandwich which came with homemade chips, the big proper kind. Filled the gap. The chicken was a bit dry and possibly a bit overcooked, but we did arrive three minutes before they stop serving so I expect it had been cooked for a while! It also came with one of my pet hates, a random side salad. I don't see the point in them if there isn't going to be any care and attention made. The chips however were delicious. 

Overall it wasn't bad and it's always great to see a pub serving lunch without the use of microwaves! The menu looked great and I would definitely stop off there again but I wouldn't make a special journey. 

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